With encouragement from St Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church and various special needs advocates, Lisa Wilson and Samantha Bellefeuille started  GleeCeptional to give singers with exceptionalities a glee club they could call their own in September 2015.

     Lisa Wilson is the first coach for GleeCeptional and can't remember a time when she wasn't singing. She has been a member of numerous choirs including the Aria award nominated Southern Gospel Choir in Tasmania, Australia.  

    Samantha Bellefeuille is the second coach for GleeCeptional. She comes with years of vocal training and a strong choir background starting at the early age of five. Samantha is a Special Needs Respite worker, as well as a Registered Early Childhood Educator that specializes in working with children with exceptionalities.

      Combining a passion for teaching and music, Samantha responded to Lisa’s initial post about wanting to create a special needs Glee club on a Facebook group called, “One More Thing”. After meeting and creating a name and logo, the two coaches were ready to launch GleeCeptional.

       Dr. Michael Austin, ER physician at the Ottawa Hospital, joined GleeCeptional as the pianist and group doctor in September 2016! He plays songs for the singers each week at both practices and performances and always modifies the songs to best suit their vocal capabilities. He is always ready to lend a helping hand and brings a smile to everyone's faces with his bubbly personality and funky dance moves.   


After the first year of running GleeCeptional, we noticed the increase of singers joining and started welcoming some volunteers! Our volunteers are great for helping during practices, outings and supervising at performances.

Fiona MacPherson joined GleeCeptional in January 2017! As a Special Olympics volunteer, she comes with many years of working with special needs children. Fiona is always ready to lend a hand with any singers who need body breaks, helping to organize music folders, and pump up the group with some silly dance numbers! Always comes to program with a big smile and ready to jump in wherever necessary! 

Adriana Salamunovic joined GleeCeptional in September 2017. After helping out during our summer camp, she decided to join us throughout our year! As a Special Olympics volunteer, and a volunteer in the DE room at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary, Adriana comes ready to help out with anything needed. Always great at making singers feel welcome and helping them get organized!

Candace Brandauer, a local paramedic with the Ottawa Paramedic Service joined GleeCeptional during our very first year of Glee Camp in 2017. She continued to volunteer during our second year of Glee Camp in 2018. Candace took lots of time out of her summer this year to help find other paramedics who helped volunteer at Glee Camp 2018. Candace is amazing with the singers and continues to attend outings and to lend a helping hand whenever needed. 

Tomas Cavanagh joined GleeCeptional in March 2018. Dedicated hockey player and great with the singers we are very happy to have Tomas join GleeCeptional as a volunteer. He joined us for Glee Camp 2018 and rocked Team Pink as assistant director.

Taneisha Kandiah joined Glee Camp 2018 and after having such a great time, decided to join us for the GleeCeptional year! Taking a Bio Med degree at Ottawa U, and volunteering with young athletes in Special Olympics, GleeCeptional was a perfect fit! We are so excited to have Taneisha join our GleeCeptional family. 

Sarah Paquin-Zaborski joined Glee Camp 2018 and decided she had so much fun, that she would join GleeCeptional during the year! We are very happy to welcome Sarah to GleeCeptional and look forward to her choreographing some dance numbers with the help of her dance background! 

Tatiana Coucopoulos joined Glee Camp 2018 as well with Sarah and decided to continue with GleeCeptional throughout the year! We are excited to work with Tatiana, or as some singers call her "Tati" and look forward to her choreography with her dance background as well!

We are always welcoming volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering at GleeCeptional and you have:

*Are 14 years or older

*A criminal police record check with the vulnerable sector

*First Aid and CPR certified 

Please email gleeceptional@yahoo.ca​ for more info.

About the Coaches